Resources for group members

Links for students (including advice on writing papers, english etc)

Group logo for talks, documents etc (send an e-mail to Rodrigo)

Scientific computing

Great practices in scientific computing

HPC Cluster: LAi and HOWTO

Tutorials on MPI, OpenMP and OpenCL (TBD)


Compilation of BibTeX references database for LaTeX papers by the group

Spell check your documents:


aspell check -l en --mode tex doc.tex 


aspell check -l pt_BR --mode tex doc.tex

Recommended cloud resources

  • Slack (group internal communications)
  • Drobpox Pro (available to group members soon)
  • Overleaf Pro (latex editor)
  • Evernote (note taking, scientific journal)

Public storage of scientific data output

figshare will host the data output produced by the group, publicly available

Weekly events at IAG

All members of the group are expected to attend:

  1. Astronomy Colloquium. Followed by refreshments. Quartas, 14
  2. Black Hole Club. Journal club. Quintas, 16h

Other events of interest:

  1. Astronomia ao meio-dia. Astronomy outreach talks targeted at undergrads. Quintas, 12h
  2. Seminários de extragaláctica. Talks on extragalactic astronomy, focused on galaxies, groups/clusters. Org: Carlos Eduardo (Carlos Eduardo). Quintas, 13h
  3. Departmental Coffee-break. Sextas, 15:30h

TODO for new group members

✅ ask Rodrigo to create account at Slack (we use this for our internal communications)
✅ sign up: group mailing list (we occasionally send announcements here)
✅ sign up: journal club mailing list (to be notified about journal club meetings) and Vox Charta (board with papers that will be discussed, weekly updated)
✅ read about relevant weekly events at IAG (if you are not affiliated with IAG: we have a mailing list for announcements of astronomy colloquia)

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