Black Hole Journal Club

We have weekly informal meetings where people interested in black holes of all flavors and AGNS at IAG will discuss and critique recent papers that they find interesting.


Black holes on all scales, i.e. from close to the event horizon to galactic scales (feedback etc). If you have an interesting paper about a little guy (a stellar mass black hole or GRB), or theory of black hole accretion disks and outflows/jets, or Sgr A*: absolutely bring it forward for discussion. There will be no discrimination against any wavelength, given our multiwavelength interests at IAG.


  • Keep up with the literature
  • Practice critical evaluation and discussion of papers
  • Identify ideas for future research
  • Put the black hole researchers in IAG talking to each other


Each person brings a recent paper and we take turns talking about them. Each person would talk about her/his paper of choice informally for ~5-15 minutes. Free flow of ideas, critique and discussion will be encouraged.

The agenda of papers for discussion will be kept updated in Vox Charta. If you would like to contribute, please read the section below.


1 hour

Where and when

Fridays, 4pm, sala A-305 @ IAG

Organizer: Rodrigo Nemmen


How to use Vox Charta?

  1. Sign up for USP Black Holes Vox Charta (and send me an e-mail — I need to confirm your registration)
  2. Read “how to participate”
  3. Vote early for papers that you find interesting. Read the abstracts of the papers you vote for and be ready to talk about why you voted for them
  4. If you would like to present a paper, click “commit to present”
  5. A day before the meeting, an e-mail will be sent to the mailing list with the agenda of voted papers

Please visit this link for more detailed information (and screenshots).

Mailing list, blog

Blog with papers that we discuss each week:

Mailing list of the journal club.


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