The general theme of the Black Hole group at IAG USP is black hole physics, which touches on a wide variety of implications and broadly encompasses the understanding of the gas flows that surround black holes, the outflows they produce, and how supermassive black holes impact their host galaxies. 

More specifically, the Black Hole Group is investigating the following specific topics:

Numerical simulations of black hole accretion and outflows
• Radiatively inefficient accretion flows in curved spacetimes
• Sub-relativistic winds: triggering near the black hole
• Production of relativistic jets from Kerr spacetimes
• AGN feedback
• Electromagnetic radiation signatures
(projects involving analytical work also possible)

Gamma-ray astronomy with Fermi LAT
• Analysis of LAT observations
• Variability of blazar and non-blazar populations

Analysis and modeling of multiwavelength and multimessenger observations of supermassive black holes
• Radio to gamma-rays spectral energy distributions (jet and disk)
• Broad emission lines from accretion disks
• Neutrinos and cosmic ray production
• Sources: Low-luminosity AGNs, radio galaxies, quasars

Connections between stellar and supermassive black holes
• Search for universalities in jet and accretion properties of black holes across the mass scale

High-performance computing (HPC) and machine learning
• GPU acceleration of astrophysical codes
• Deep learning applied to (astro)physics

Prospects for the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) and other observatories (EHT, GMT, JWST and LSST)
• Preparations for future CTA observations: simulations, extrapolations from LAT results
• Theoretical prospects for Event Horizon Observations: near-horizon physics and radiation
• Expected synergies between LSST, GMT, Fermi LAT

Past research: The Nature of highest energy cosmic rays

Students and Postdocs

I am happy to talk with undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdocs interested in working with me at any time. I have different projects available. See the links under the group tab.

Estudantes de graduação e pós-graduação e pós-docs interessados em trabalhar comigo são bem-vindos a me contatar!

Snapshots of the gas density, velocity and magnetic field distributions around a Kerr black hole performed by the group.

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