A partial list of my collaborators.

Publications in Refereed Journals

★ indicates papers led by students in my group. Occasionally, the list below may be outdated.

  1. ALMEIDA, I., DUARTE, R., NEMMEN, R. S. Deep learning model for multiwavelength low-luminosity AGN SEDs. Submitted
  2. DUARTE, R., NEMMEN, R. S., NAVARRO, J. P. Black hole weather forecasting with deep learning: A pilot study. Submitted
  3. CAFARDO, F., NEMMEN, R. S. +Fermi LAT Collaboration. Fermi LAT observations of Sagittarius A*: Imaging Analysis. Submitted
  4. GUTIERREZ, E., NEMMEN, R., CAFARDO, F. A Nonthermal Bomb Explains the Near-infrared Superflare of Sgr A*. 2020. ApJL,891, 36
  5. DE MENEZES, R., NEMMEN, R. S., +Fermi LAT Collaboration. Gamma-ray observations of low-luminosity AGNs. 2020, MNRAS
  6. SOARES, G., NEMMEN, R. S. Jet efficiencies and black hole spins of jetted quasars. 2020, MNRAS,
  7. ALMEIDA, I., NEMMEN, R. S. Winds and feedback from supermassive black holes accreting at low rates: Hydrodynamical treatment. 2020. MNRAS
  8. MARINELLO, M., OVERZIER, R., …, NEMMEN, R., … A VLT/SINFONI study of black hole growth in high redshift radio-loud quasars from the CARLA survey. 2020, MNRAS
  9. RICHARD-LAFERRIÈRE, A., HLAVACEK-LARRONDO, J., …, NEMMEN, R. On the relation between mini-halos and AGN feedback in clusters of galaxies. 2020, MNRAS
  10. NEMMEN. R. The spin of M87*. 2019. ApJL
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  12. DE MENEZES, R., CAFARDO, F., NEMMEN, R. S. Milky Way globular clusters in gamma-rays: analyzing the dynamical formation of millisecond pulsars. 2019, MNRAS
  13. RIFFEL, R., NEMMEN, R., et al. Precessing winds from the nucleus of the prototype Red Geyser. 2019, MNRAS
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  61. STORCHI-BERGMANN, T., NEMMEN, R. S., et al. Evolution of the Nuclear Accretion Disk Emission in NGC 1097: Getting Closer to the Black Hole. 2003, ApJ, 598, 956

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