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Versão em português.

I have been often asked by physics and astronomy undergraduate students at USP about which of the optional courses (disciplinas optativas) they should take in order to pave the road for a good, solid understanding of general astrophysics. Here is my own, biased suggestion of courses that one should take.  Emphasis is given on a good physics and math background.

  1. Mecânica II
  2. Relatividade geral e aplicações astrofísicas
  3. Física matemática II
  4. Mecânica dos fluidos
  5. Introdução à física de plasmas e fusão nuclear
  6. Métodos computacionais em astronomia
  7. Eletromagnetismo II
  8. Astrofísica de altas energias
  9. Mecânica quântica II
  10. Introdução à física de partículas elementares

One does not have enough time during her/his physics or astronomy major to do all of these optional courses. That’s why I ordered the items above according more or less to their “astrophysical relevance”.

For more information about these courses, please check out JupiterWeb.

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