No Programa Fantástico, Rede Globo

Neste Domingo, dia 16 de Novembro, fui entrevistado no Programa Fantástico da Rede Globo, falando novamente sobre o pouso do Philae no cometa 67P. O vídeo da reportagem — muito bem feita — consta neste link.

Penso que o programa fez um ótimo papel em educar o povo sobre a missão Rosetta e os cometas. Parabéns, Rede Globo!

Um esclarecimento: Não tive envolvimento com a missão Rosetta e a minha área de pesquisa não são os cometas.

If you do not understand portuguese and need a little background about brazilian TV

I was featured last Sunday evening in the weekly brazilian TV show Fantástico.  If you are wondering: yes, Fantástico means “fantastic”. This is a prime time TV show which is watched by around 10 million people in Brasil and abroad (this is my rough estimate of the number of viewers). It is one of the most watched tv spots in Brasil, besides the telenovelas. Overall, I think they did a great job in educating the public about the Rosetta mission and comets, and it was quite informative! Well done, Rede Globo.


By the way, I am not involved in any way with the Rosetta mission and my field of research is not comets.

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